Welcome to the Homepage of "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Blautopf"!Blautopf, Blaubeuren, Germany

The "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Blautopf" is a cave research group, currently consisting of 18 members. It was founded in 1997 by members of the "Höhlenforschungsgruppe Ostalb/Kirchheim e.V.". The mission of this organisation is to scientifically explore the Blautopf underwater cave.

The Blautopf is one of the largest karst springs in Germany. The largest ever measured flow of this spring amounted to 32 000 l/sec. The spring basin is 22 m deep.

On these pages we would like to provide interested visitors as well as members and friends with information concerning the Blautopf System Cave and its exploration.


Dr. Jürgen  Bohnert preparing a Star Oddi data logger for long-term (up to 7 years) uninterrupted data recording in a remote location in Blautopfhöhle The main focus of the group is on scientific research in Blautopfhöhle. Apart from cave cartography, geological and biological studies, a lot of effort is put into maintaining a network of data loggers in the cave, that allows for recording of parameters as diverse as air flow, air pressure, temperature and water levels using specially designed data loggers.

We would also like to thank Star Oddi for their considerable support of our data logger project.

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